Vote Bike 2020

Do you want safe and attractive cycling in New Zealand? Vote bike.

No matter what kind of riding you are into, now is the time to take action.

The General Election is coming. You can vote from 5 to 19 September..More than 1.5 million people in NZ ride bikes. Let's demand safe and attractive streets.

How you can help

Check your enrolment
Vote for the party and candidate who best reflects your views on biking.
Here's a guide to transport policies from each party.

Team up with other cycling advocates. Check here to contact people in your area.
You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Join CAN. There's power in numbers.
Make a donation. Most of what we achieve is done by volunteers but we need your support to run an office, produce Chainlinks, support our website and campaign for cycling.

Get informed
Check out what parties have to say about cycling. Invite candidates to a meeting and ask about their priorities. Invite them on a ride for a first-hand look at cycling issues.

Tell your story
Talk to others about why riding a bike is important to you. What do you love about it, and what could be better.

Ask questions
1. What are your transport policies?
2. What have you done, and will you do, to make <my town> more bike-friendly?
3. Do you support safer speed limits (30 kmh) in shopping and residential streets?
4. Do you support making room for on-road cycle lanes or separated cycle facilities, even it it means moving parking spaces?


Everyone should be able to get around affordably, safely, efficiently, and with minimal impact on the environment.

The best plan for riding right now is to go out, ride solo or with a small group of trusted people, enjoy the outdoors in open areas, and try timing your rides for when you know your route will be less crowded.

Henry |