Love Cycling campaign 2019

Do you want safer and more attractive cycling in New Zealand? Vote cycling.

Whether you are a family with kids, a mountain biker, roadie, commuter or simply love to ride, now is the time to take action.

There are Council elections in October. We need help to make cycling an election issue, so candidates realise that there are a lot of people on bikes out there, most of whom vote.

How you can help

Check with your Council that you are enrolled.
Vote for the candidates who best reflect your views on cycling. Here's an excellent guide from The Spinoff: Your place, your vote.

Team up with other cycling advocates. Check here to contact people in your area.
Find us on Facebook.
Join CAN. There's power in numbers.
Make a donation. Most of what we achieve is done by volunteers but we need your support to run an office, produce Chainlinks, support our website and campaign for cycling.

Get informed
Check out what candidates have to say about cycling. Invite them to a meeting and ask about their priorities. Invite them on a ride for a first-hand look at cycling issues.

Ask questions.
- What is your transport policy?
- What have you done, and what will you do, to make my town more bike-friendly?
- Do you support safer speed limits, such as 30km/h, in shopping and residential streets?
- On busy arterial streets, do you prioritise protected cycle lanes or car parking?

Have your say
Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about why cycling matters.
Write to local papers, post on social media, attend election meetings and keep asking questions.