Cyclists welcome new road safety strategy

Cycling advocates say the Government's new transport strategy is good news for safer roads.

The Government released the Road to Zero strategy for consultation last week.

Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan says everyone's a winner under the new plan – but that quick action is needed.

Everyone deserves streets that are safe and easy to get around.”

But for too long politicians in councils and government have spent most transport dollars on trying to make driving easier. By putting cars first and denying us transport choices, they have forced more and more people to drive.

He says that has failed us. “Too often, our streets are crowded, polluted and dangerous.”

“Streets are part of our neighbourhood. They are places where people meet, where we shop, where we live. Streets are places where kids meet friends and play.”

“It's time for politicians in councils and government to make our streets safe and attractive for everyone. We can do this by setting safe traffic speeds, by making more space for people on bikes, on foot and on public transport, and by better city planning.”

He says it's simply a matter of putting people first.

I predict the new emphasis on safety will be popular.”

Cycling Action Network presented an 11,000-signature petition calling for safe streets, to Associate Transport Minister, Julie Anne Genter in 2018.

We are delighted that the Government is heeding the call for safe streets. Now it's time for people to have their say.”

Submissions on the
Road to Zero consultation are due by 5pm on Wednesday 14 August.

Patrick Morgan
CAN – Cycling Action Network
Tel 027-563-4733

Release Date: 
Monday, 22 July, 2019