Cycling Advocates' Network

A voice for kiwi cyclistsWe work with government and local authorities on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment

NZ Transport Agency 2014 Cycle Friendly Awards

NZ Transport Agency has joined with CAN to support cycling in NZ

Cycling Advocates' Network appeal
Transport: It's the economy, stupid
An article highlighting the economic nonsense of the Govt's current motorway-focused transport programme.

CAN's Cycling Suits programme is great for businesses and organisations looking to promote healthy active behaviour among employees.


Welcome aboard CAN: more people on bikes, more often.

What do we want?
1. Connected cycleways in cities, and shoulders on key rural roads.
2. On-road cycle training in schools and for adults who want to cycle for transport.
3. A new, fresh public education programme for safe road use.


Memorial Ride 15 April 2014

Are you as angry as I am about cycling deaths?

Theme: The role of cycling in community building

4-6 April, 2014, Whanganui.
Start Friday evening, wrap up Sunday at...

At CAN we're united by our love of cycling. Our objective is more people cycling more often.

Riding a bike improves our health, wealth...

News release from Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) and Bike NZ
14 November 2013

An inquiry into cycling, recommended by Coroner...



CAN operates using a mixture of volunteer roles and paid roles (staff or contract workers), as funding opportunities...