Submission on draft GPS on Land Transport 2021

Full submission is attached.


CAN agrees that the purpose of the transport system is to improve people’s well-being, and
the liveability of places (para. 1). However, the investment proposals in the draft GPS
appear to place considerable weight on New Zealand’s economic growth and, as such, will
lead to under-emphasis on social, cultural and environmental well-being.

CAN acknowledges that the Labour-NZ First Coalition government has introduced many new
initiatives that recognise that a broad-based approach to well-being required, most notably
the Well-being Budget of 2019. However, there is still inadequate recognition and
accounting for the costs of the social and environmental impacts of transport. As a result,
the proposed funding levels in the activity classes will not significantly progress the strategic
priorities, particularly the new ones, which CAN welcomes, of Better Travel Options and
Climate Change.

Proposed investments are oriented towards efficiency of road transport for people and
freight but do not ensure equitable access for people who cannot or choose not to drive in
private vehicles. The funding levels for the activity classes in the draft GPS will further
entrench our reliance on road transport and the marginalisation of active transport.
Without a more comprehensive shift away from a motor vehicle-centric land transport
system, New Zealand’s longer term environmental goals (in particular, its commitments
under the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) will fail.

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