New Group

New Group

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Andre and / or Richard,

We require a new group. I used to be able to set up groups myself, but seem to have lost the permissions. Never mind - please do this on my behalf.


group name: Staffing and Project Manager

settings: like 'Staffing Subcommittee'

admin: Axel

I can deal with membership, but if it's easiest to clone the 'Staffing Subcommittee' group, the membership is identical to that one, plus Patrick.

There are some urgent follow up items to be communicated through this group, so it would be great to have this available soonish. 

Kind regards, Axel



Sorry for delay, but I see that this has now been done.

I don't see it as a new group yet (unless I haven't been added yet?). All I see is the current Staffing sub-cmtee group.

Hi Richard,

Are you able to set up another new group on the CAN website please? It's called CAN Forum, and will be a substitute for one of our main Yahoogroups.

See for correspondence relating to it.

I'm happy if you make me the administrator for now (maybe also Axel or Glen).

If there is the option of setting the default for notifications we could maybe start with the default at 'yes'.


Robert Ibell
04-972 2552