Patrick Morgan

Hi, I am Patrick Morgan. I'm CAN's national project manager. I work from our National Office in Wellington.

Phone 027 563 4733

CAN's Project Manager plays a central role in strengthening CAN by developing local and national networks through:

  • regular contact with the members of local advocacy groups

  • creating and providing of resources

  • marketing, media, and campaigning

Key responsibilities:

  • To co-ordinate and expand the effective contribution of CAN members and groups to the organisation's activities

  • To increase the membership of CAN’s information networks

  • To assist local groups through the preparation and provision of resources, assistance with strategic planning, and the running of training workshops

  • To assist the editor of CAN's magazine ChainLinks by providing content

  • To improve communication systems between CAN leadership, local groups and individual members

  • To organize a national meeting of representatives from local cyclist user groups

  • To assist in the preparation of strategies for ongoing development of CAN’s networks and for other projects deliverable by CAN and its groups

  • To report monthly to CAN’s management team and to provide other reports and updates as required

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