Central city safer speeds Submision Guide Feb 2020

Let's get a win on central city safer speeds 

Wellington is planning to change the speed limits on most central city streets to 30km/h.

This is your chance to have a say on the final proposal.

31 March: Consultation is now closed, with 64 percent of people supporting the plans. That's a mandate for change. Thanks to everyone who had their say.

You can see the results at

Our suggested responses

Do you support the proposal as shown which will lower the speed limit to 30km/h on the proposed streets?

Strongly support

Do you have any specific changes you would make to the proposal?


Please detail any changes you would make to the proposal:

Extend it to Taranaki St, Vivian St, Kent Tce, Cambridge Tce, and the waterfront Quays.
Best practice street design is 30 kmh where vehicles share with people on bikes, and significant number of pedestrians. (https://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/pedestrian-planning-guide/, https://www.nzta.govt.nz/walking-cycling-and-public-transport/cycling/cy...)

Thinking about the proposed speed limit changes, please rate how you think these changes will impact:

people walking in, around or through the area? Very positively

people using public transport in, around or through the area? Very positively

people riding bikes in, around or through the area? Very positively

people driving vehicles/riding motorbikes in, around or through the area? Very positively

people living in the area? Very positively

for people working in the area? Very positively

for people managing or owning a business in the area? Very positively

for people who are living with mobility and/or accessibility issues? Very positively

Overall, thinking about the city as a whole, the long-term impact of the proposed changes will be:

Very positive

Would you like to make any other comments?

It's best to use your own words. Here's some suggestions:

We deserve safe and attractive streets.

Lowering operating speeds and speed limits on urban streets will:

- improve safety for all road users

- encourage more people to walk and cycle in the central city, reducing car use

- make the city quieter and more pleasant

- have little or no effect on vehicle journey times

- be good for city businesses

- reduce emissions, in line with WCC’s Te Atakura – First to Zero plans

- be consistent with WCC's urban growth, walking and cycling policies and LGWM aims

Changes to street design and layout are also needed, to signal that these are 30 kmh streets.

A network of protected bike lanes is needed, especially on any streets not included in the 30 kmh plan.
I note 508 people were injured or killed on Wellington City roads in 2018, up from 459 in 2017 and 365 in 2016.

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