Vision Seaview Gracefield 2030

Any volunteers to represent CAW at this meeting re the Seaview/Gracefield area? Please contact Jasmin
Hi Alistair
The Council will work with local businesses and the community to come up with a “working vision” for Seaview-Gracefield (S-G) 20 years into the future. This project is part of a programme of vision statements for the three key areas of Hutt City - Petone, CBD and Seaview-Gracefield. A cross-Council team led by Strategic and City Development will be carrying out the work.
We would like to invite you "Cycle Aware" to join us in a pre-consultation brainstorming session to look at some ideas and perhaps come up with a few new ones. Would you be able to come to our 'Urban Enhancement' session on 24 July from 8:30am to 10am and perhaps stay on for the 'Connected' session from 10:30am to 12noon. The venue is at Pelorus Trust Sportshouse Hutt Park Road Seaview.
RSVP by Monday 20 July. We look forward to seeing you.

Yasmin Lee

Senior Strategic Advisor

Hutt City Council

30 Laings Rd | Private Bag 31 912

Lower Hutt 5040

Aotearoa New Zealand

T 64 4 570 6955