Notes from Board Meeting Oct 11th 2022

Notes from Board Meeting Oct 11th 2022


DATE: Oct 11 2022 TIME: 7.30pm NZST


  • Dea Majstorovic (Chair)

  • Richard Hamer - (Secretary) 

  • John Lieswyn (SI Regional Board Member) 

  • Christopher Dempsey (NI Regional Board Member)

  • Patrick Morgan (Project Manager)

  • Richard Barter (STR)


1. Open meeting

Apologies from Geoff.

2. Confirm minutes of the last meeting. Moved Richard 2nd Dea

3. Health and Safety. Nothing to report

4. STR – Richard Verbal Reports given, written report tabled. 

5. MET ReportPatrick Verbal Reports given, written report tabled. 

6. Financials – Geoff 

Reports submitted in advance. 


  • While we had some generous donations come in recently, we were down around $2358 dollars last month
  • We need to focus on fundraising again as we'll have some more costs coming up relating to audit and review. 
  • Leave liability is creeping up, - Patrick please start thinking about some awesome cycling trips for this summer ;)  
  • Can Geoff clarify what the "Conference Fund" is?

10. AGM - Dea To be held late November (30th?). Dea will check the notice period for letting members know it is happening. Need to have the Accounts signed off for this. Please talk with folk about standing for the Board.

11. Matters arising - John suggested adding a regular item at future Board meetings about the 2WalkandCycle Conference.

12. Next meeting date. A regular meeting could be joined to the AGM, some preparation will be needed to ensure the regular Board meeting goes smoothly. Issues like the situation where not enough people are willing to stand need to be addressed beforehand.

Meeting finished at 8:10pm

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