CAN Board Meeting Minutes July 21 2021

CAN Board Meeting Minutes July 21 2021


LOCATION: Video Conference.

DATE: 21 JULY 2021 TIME: 7.30pm NZST


  • Jon Dean  (Secretary)

  • Geoff Sugden (Treasurer)

  • Dea Majstorovic (Chair)

  • Richard Hamer - (NI Regional Board Member) 

  • Steve Cable (NI Regional Board Member)

  • John Lieswyn (SI Regional Board Member)

  • Patrick Morgan (MET) 

Apologies: Richard Barter

1. Open

Meeting opened at 7.24pm

2. Confirm minutes of the last meeting.

Richard moved, Geoff seconded. 

3. Affiliate engagement

Steve to make a meeting time with local affiliates.

Patrick been in touch with Wellington and Hutt area members. 

4. Matters arising

The board were saddened to hear of the news of Andy Smith passing away and will commemorate Andy in our comms. 

5. Health and Safety

6. MET Report – Patrick

7. STR – Richard 

Richard unable to make the meeting to speak to STR updates. 

8. Financials – Geoff

Geoff moved. Steve seconded.

9. Other business

Discussion around 2WALKandCYCLE event. Areas of discussion included: 

The synergies between placemaking/urban planning and active transport. 

The frequency of such events for a country the size of NZ.

The partnership of a cycling and walking theme for such an event. 

10. Next meeting

Wednesday 25th August


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