People of Wellington - Charles Dawson

After 37 years of biking around Wellington, Charles Dawson of Crofton Downs has experienced first hand all of the benefits that come with his choice form of transportation. His favourite things include: hills for exercise, the lovely Skyline, Makara Peak and other trails, the slowly increasing number of bike lanes and a supportive biking culture. In New Zealand it's great we have a flourishing network of regional trails, which my family have specifically travelled to for holidays.”

Commuting to work as an educator, Charles acknowledges that “it is hard to retrofit good cycling infrastructure into our roads which were built with cars in mind. But it is worth the effort.

“Protected bike lanes help me as a driver, parent änd cyclist. Good cycling infrastructure is an investment in city resilience, our health, and travel options for our kids. 

Eke paihikara mō Papatūānuku! Cycle for Papatūānuku!”

By Matt Lorah