People on bikes - Inka

Student and avid cyclist Inka is often found pedaling up Makara Peak or in Polhill Reserve. 


“My favorite part about biking is being able to super easily get into the bush for good mountain biking or cross country cycling.  Least favourite is a tie between bad drivers and the narrow, unsafe roads.”


Her message for the City Council: “Get on a bike for a few weeks and see how unsafe we feel, but also how great cycling is. See how much potential there is for improvement and how good it could be for Wellington in terms of health, both mental and physical.”


For other cyclists in Wellington: “Please stop running red lights and making us other cyclists look like a**holes! Also, try and stick to the road rules. Obviously if it's the safer option for you, break the rules! But if it's just because you're impatient, then please stop.”