CAN Board Meeting draft Minutes

August 7, meeting opened at 7:00pm

Present: Jon, Michael, Kellie, Rex, Geoff

Apologies: Claire

Richard taking Notes

  1. Minutes of last Meeting – Carry over to next meeting.

  2. Online AGM Date –  Jon Proposed Sept 4th, agreed.

    1. Jon will talk with Patrick about communicating with the membership about AGM

    2. Please make sure Claire is available before advertising date

  3. CAN Do Where, when

    1. Claire said she would help out.

    2. Kellie will talk to Claire about her role

    3. Suggestion made for Cambridge? Avantidrome. 

    4. 1 day conference is proposed.

  4. 2Walk&Cycle Conference finances

    1. The Board Agrees to revoke any previous delegated authority of organisers of the 2Walk&Cycle Conference to make financial decisions or enter into contracts on behalf of can. Moved by Rex, 2nd Michael, Agreed

    2. Money in Auckland 2Walk&Cycle conference has been divided in 2, half has been put into the CAN general account. 

      1. The Board agrees that half belongs to CAN, and half belongs to the 2Walk&Cycle Conference organisers and should be moved to an account of the 2Walk&Cycle Conference organisers. Moved by Rex, 2nd by Jon Agreed.

      2. The Board agrees that at the AGM a proposal should be moved to set up a separate trust for the organisation of the 2Walk&Cycle Conference. Moved by Jon, 2nd by Rex Agreed.

      3. Jon suggested that the CAN Board’s position be drafted to clarify the position, Rex will draft a position paper to be circulated.

  5. Who is standing at AGM from the current Board? Geoff, Jon if need be.

  6. Finance Reports: Will be emailed

  7. Other Business

    1. The relationship with Bike Auckland is something to be talked about in the next meeting.

    2. Share the Road Report was tabled and received. Moved Rex, Agreed.

  8. Next meeting to be on the 21st August at 7:30pm.

  9. Meeting closed at 7:45pm

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