BOARD MEETING 30 Jan 2019 Minutes

BOARD MEETING 30 Jan 2019 Minutes


 TIME: 7:30pm

LOCATION: Video Conference. 

Time: Jan 30, 2019 7:30 PM


  • Claire Sherrington: (Past Secretary,  Chair) Present

  • Jon Dean  (Past SI board member, Treasurer) Present

  • Kellie Pearson (North island regional board member. Not present

  • Richard Barter (Notetaker) Present from 7:45pm

  • Rex Williams: Past Chair, incoming Independent board member/SI board member  (Christchurch) Present Rex left at 8:34pm

  • Geoff Sugden (MET) Present

  • Michael Cosgrove:  (North island regional board member) Present

1. Opening and attendance


Meeting Opened 7:31

Rex confirmed the minutes, Jon seconded.

2. Matters arising 

2018 saw only 5 cyclist deaths

5 cycling related deaths in 2018

2 cycling related deaths so far 2019

We should require more thoughtful information suggested surrounding cyclists deaths. I.e. more context in relation to the amount of cycling.


3. Health and Safety 

A lot more scooter riders on paths and bike paths without helmets.

How do we support the shift towards alternative transport methods such as scooters?


4. Cycle and walk policy decision/conclusion   (Rex/Jon)

Formal Trust to be formed standalone and separate to CAN to handle funding for future conference expenses e.g. Cycle and Walk.

Jane Dawson is to come back with a break down of profits from past conferences.


5. MET report (Geoff/Claire)

Chainlinks when out in Dec 2019 and good open rate on this. The first-time editor did a great job on this.

Grant Application for the Netherlands is pending review.

Suggestion to reach out to Russell from Trail Fund regarding merchandising advice.

Look further into payroll giving options. Look into Volunteers to increase the reach of this.

Rex raised the point that we need to ensure that Patrick still getting support day to day from the MET.

STR (Richard) Report Received, Moved Rex, 2nd Claire.

Keeping up with demand and projections for workshops.

Richard met with Manfield trust recently got 2.5 mil from Shane Jones to get driving school going. Focus on getting young people to ready to be safe and competent drivers at scale and looking at including share the road in that.


- Bike Expo 2018 summary reports attached

There is a $13k variation between the Bike Expo report and Xero, this might be due to reconciliation issues.


8.Financials  (Jon) 

NZTA are late in paying. We are ok at the moment, but in 3 months time, we will have to make some choices about what to do with conference money. Currently, we are loosing around $3-4k a typical month.

Jon will be looking at the Credit card accounts and account signatories. Liability Insurance cover exists but needs to be paid.

Rex move that the actions suggested in Jon’s report be approved, Claire 2nd this, and Claire moved Financial report be received and 2nd by Geoff

Jon raised the issue of raising membership fees at an earlier AGM. The Board needs to decide what the split is of the membership fees between the regional groups and the national organisation. Claire will get the history from Will, and prepare a figure to present to the Board. The intent of the change was to increase the revenue to CAN. Jon will send the link to a document on the CAN Website to Claire on the topic.

 - Charities report

Being worked on.

9. Review action items ()

10. Other business 

Bike-Expo – suggestions were made to go to Adventure Park, and that different types of bikes are involved. Marquee would be needed, but the venue may be cheaper. Suggestions were made to move it around the country to get exposure for CAN.

Rex went to both, he felt CAN got very limited exposure. There is a big financial risk to CAN as the structure stands at the moment.   needs to be reviewed as to what does CAN want to get out of the event.

Can do 2019 planning.  No date or location set for CAN-Do at this stage. To be an Action.

11. Next meeting date to be announced. (Feb 20th: To be confirmed with Rex and Kelly)

12. Close at 8:40pm


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