draft submission on Traffic control devices manual part 5 consultation

NZTA wants our feedback on signs and road markings

What do you think about how signs and road markings are used?

 We’re consulting on the Traffic control devices manual part 5 – traffic control devices for general use – between intersections.

 This document provides guidance and best practice for road controlling authorities and traffic management practitioners on the use of traffic control devices, such as signs and road markings, between intersections. Traffic control devices are used to regulate, warn and advise road users on New Zealand’s road network.

 In particular, we are keen to make sure the way traffic control devices are used is fit for purpose and nationally consistent for those using New Zealand’s road network. We’d like to know what you think.

This draft has been developed by the Traffic Control Devices Working Group, a group of representatives from across the transport sector.  We’re now keen to get feedback from road controlling authorities, traffic and transport practitioners and road user groups.

For more information, a copy of the draft document and an online consultation feedback form, go to www.nzta.govt.nz/tcd-manual-part-5-consultation

We’re keen to hear what you think, so please provide feedback to tcdpart5@nzta.govt.nz by 5pm, Friday 14 September 2018.

Kind regards,

Glenn Bunting / Manager Network Safety


ATP (audio tactile profile) markings aka rumble strips
Should only be used where there is an adequate shoulder.