Cycling advocates have welcomed new plans to make New Zealand roads safer this summer. 

Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter today announced a boost in road safety funding. She has signalled a new focus from the Government on introducing safer speed limits.

Patrick Morgan from Cycling Action Network, said this is good news for all road users, but cautioned that road shoulders need to be at least a metre wide before rumble strips were added. 

"We applaud Minister Genter's ambitious approach to reducing risk on our roads.

 "Many rural roads were never designed for 100 kmh traffic. Until they can be upgraded, it makes sense to review speed limits to make sure we all get home safely." 

"Adding rumble strips is a proven way to reduce risk, but these should only be used where there is an ample road shoulder for people on bikes."

Mr Morgan said cyclists needed at least a metre of space on the shoulder in order to avoid the rumble strip. 

More information on the Boost Programme, including a map of proposed works can be found here:

Patrick Morgan, tel 027 563 4733 

Release Date: 
Sunday, 17 December, 2017