Submission on Auckland Electric Vehicles - Phase Two Trial Bylaw 2017

Submission to NZ Transport Agency on Auckland Electric Vehicles - Phase Two Trial Bylaw 2017



General comments


CAN strongly supports efforts to reduce New Zealand’s transport-related greenhouse gas emissions and supports the introduction of electric vehicles.



However, CAN is strongly opposed to opening up access by electric vehicles to specified special vehicles lanes on state highways in Auckland. We understand that one of the lanes proposed is a bus only ramp. The other ten lanes that are proposed to be opened up allow access to T2 vehicles.

There are many more appropriate and equitable measures that the government should implement to encourage electric vehicle take-up should they be needed. However, CAN also queries whether such measures will be needed. It is clear, from the media release on 26 July 2017 from the Ministers of Transport and Energy and Resources, that uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand is proceeding quite rapidly with the Government’s 2017 electric vehicle registrations target achieved 5 months ahead of schedule.

NZTA has argued this is needed to incentivise electric vehicle take-up, but recent evidence does not indicate this measure will be effective in incentivising EV uptake.


Full submission attached below as a PDF.


(Image courtesy Christchurch City Council)

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