Cantabrians, join Spokes Canterbury for a leisurely ride to see what all the fuss is about around the Heathcote Expressway Cycle

This section of the cycleway is still out for consultation due to protest from property and businesses owners about loss of on-street parking spaces. This is a BIG deal, so come and have a look for yourself, enjoy the ride and have your say in the matter.

We'll make a short detour around Falsgrave/Stevens St to admire a couple of Christchurch's amazing Street Art murals before heading back into the city centre on the other side of Ferry road (to really get the feel for the place), and for good measure we will continue a few blocks down St Asaph St and double back on Tuam St for some real separated cycleway appreciation.

At the end of all that excitement we should be ready for coffee, some friendly cycleway discussion and optional submission writing..... you can do this online later, if that suits you better -

This is an easy leisurely ride so bring friends and family along. The more the merrier!
If you do not have a bike you can sign up to Nextbike to get your hands on a bike from one of their 6 CBD stands (there is one across the road from our starting point). How it works: 

This ride will only be cancelled if the weather is decidedly nasty on the day - see Spokes Canterbury's Facebook event page for any updates on the day.  We look forward to seeing you all for an enjoyable ride!

Release Date: 
Monday, 3 April, 2017