Notice of Special General Meeting - 1 October 2016

Notice of Special General Meeting - 1 October 2016


Notice of a Special General Meeting of the Cycling Action Network Incorporated:

As per Rule 5.5 of the approved Rules, the Committee of the Cycling Action Network Incorporated (CAN) gives notice that it is calling a Special General Meeting.

As per Rule 5.6 of the approved Rules, the Committee thus has given at least 28 days notice of this Special General Meeting to its Affiliated and Supporting Organisations and will give at least 14 days notice to its Members.

The Special General Meeting is to be held during the afternoon of Saturday the 1st October 2016 commencing at 12 noon.  This SGM will be held in the ASB Sports Centre, Kilbirnie, Wellington with the option to remotely connect into the meeting as explained below.    

The purpose of the meeting is to comply with the motion passed at the 2016 Annual General Meeting held in Hamilton this year:

"That the rule changes associated with a transition from a committee elected at large from CAN members, to a Board made up of a combination of designated local group nominees, CAN member representatives and if desired a Chief Executive Officer, be put to a Special General Meeting within six months of the Annual General Meeting."

So the meeting will discuss the proposed rule changes along with the background information the Committee will provide at least 14 days prior to the SGM.  The formal business of the SGM is to:

  1. To approve changes to the Rules within Sections 1 to 15.  These proposed changes have come about from: 
    1. The recommendations of the Key Business Partners report received in late 2015 on suggested changes to CAN's structure.
    2. Subsequent discussions at the CAN Do in Hamilton earlier this year.
    3. The deliberations of a subcommittee set up to put forward a structure and the subsequent rule changes.


The CAN committee is not expecting its members to travel to a meeting room just for the purpose of the SGM (teleconferences is how the committee largely operates throughout the year).  

Details of how to join the conference remotely will be sent out as explained below prior to the SGM.


A further notice providing:

  1. Electronic links to: 
    1. The agenda for the meeting, 
    2. A detailed outline of the proposed changes
    3. A full explanation of the proposed rule changes.
  2. Details on how to participate in the meeting or to vote prior to the meeting as per Rule 5.7 "As Members are geographically spread throughout New Zealand, each Member must be informed of the issues relating to each resolution with the notice of the Annual or Special General Meeting. Members will be able to cast their vote in person, by fax, by mail, by e-mail or by a conference call link. Only votes received in time for each resolution will be counted. Voting by those present shall be by show of hands but any Member may demand a secret ballot"

Will be sent out to CAN's Members at least 14 days prior to the Special General Meeting as per Rules 5.6 and 6.1.



Stephen Wood (Secretary)

Will Andrews (Chair)

Cycling Action Network

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