Minutes NTCA/bike kitchen 24 August 2016

Minutes NTCA/bike kitchen 24 August 2016

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates
24 August 2016


Chair: Graeme
Notetaker: Stuart

Present: Graeme, Stuart, Alan, Nigel, Joelle

1. Account balances
Bike kitchen: $781.56
NTCA: $485.16

2. Matters Arising
Correction needed to June minutes because Te Henui issues mistakenly attributed to Huatoki walkway.
Discussed disposition of roading/walkway issues arising from lat meeting. A common response people are getting is that it's financially unfeasible to make needed fixes. We discussed the alternative of identifying and promoting cycle routes that are already known to be safe.

Action: Alan will research existing Let's Go recommended cycle routes and bring them to the next NTCA meeting.
Action: Graeme will forward result of cycle survey.

3. Bike Kitchen
Action: Alan will talk to Liang about scheduling workshop on repairing disk brakes.
Action: Stuart will sign up bike kitchen to for the Time Bank to see if this will attract more punters and volunteers.

4. Local Body Election
Discussed need to promote candidates who support walking and cycling.
Action: Stuart will forward responses of local body candidates to question on carbon emissions on Green Party campaign questionnaire - we could then promote favourable candidates on our Facebook page and to our mass email list.

5. CAN"s Love Cycling Campaign
Graeme tried unsuccessfully to forward Patrick's email about this to email group.
Action: Graeme will try to forward email to us individually.

6. Joelle discussed work colleague's experience with a driver who tried to run him off the road. We discussed publishing rules for wide turn in a letter-to-the editor.
Action: Joelle will check the road code for cyclists processing intersections and bring info to next meetings.
Action: Alan will drop Liz a note to remind contractors not to block cycle lanes with their signs.
Action: Graeme will consult with Axel about law concerning signs in cycle lanes.

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