CAN Webinar: New ideas on bike parking

This is a webinar (web based seminar) for cycling advocates on bike parking, and a new initiative, BikesWelcome. The format will be brief presentations from a panel, then open discussion.

The topics and panelists are:

  • Selling Bike Parking = Selling Cycling - Benefits to Business and Employers. Catherine Elliot. Catherine Elliot is an active living researcher at Lincoln University investigating how cycling for transport can solve population health problems of obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • Demand Driven Bike Parking - Intro to Bikes Welcome - Jo Clendon. Jo Clendon is passionate about everyday cycling and has founded BikesWelcome to help bike users advocate for great bike parking everywhere.
  • Structural Change - Bike Parking and District Plans - Jeanette Ward.  Jeanette Ward is a transport engineer at Abley Transportation Consultants, she works on a range of planning, research and design projects and last year was involved in the Replacement Christchurch District Plan process with respect to cycle parking and end of trip facilities.

This will be followed by Bike Parking Success Stories - a chance for participants to share.

The Webinar can be accessed from most Internet connected devices. You'll be able to hear other speakers, talk to them (though not all at once!), see any PowerPoint presentations we use, and post text messages to the group. You'll need speakers or headphones, and a microphone if you want to talk. A headset microphone is ideal. You'll need Adobe Flash which that is pretty standard, but it could be worth checking you've got an up to date version. If you are using a tablet or smartphone you may need to download an app. It will be good idea to check your system a day or so beforehand to see if you need to update any software etc.

To ensure a free exchange of views, the webinar will NOT be recorded.
  • To register (which means you get notifications etc, and helps us with planning)
  • To *access the meeting* on the day without registering
  • Short user guide
  • System Test - Do the microphone test (can you see the wavy line moving when you speak?) and speaker test (can you hear the audio?).

Some additional hints:
  • To access audio controls on a Windows computer, go to control panel> hardware and sound> manage audio devices
  • Skype should not be active, since it can interfere with the webinar