Share The Road Campaign Development Coordinator

Share The Road Campaign Development Coordinator


A part time paid role is available in the Share<--the-->road Campaign to CAN members.  It is CAN's policy to advertise these roles to its financial members prior to any recruitment effort elsewhere.

This role is to successfully develop relationships with cycling groups around the country in order to encourage their participation in campaign activities.  The contract period is for two years starting 1st August 2016, the number of hours per week is negotiable. The role will also involve communicating with all stakeholders and workshop/event participants past and present.  

The hours are negotiable, there will be travel required within New Zealand for this role. Applications will close on August 10th.

If you are interested, please email Project Manager Richard Barter at and let him know why you think you are the person best suited to the role..

The detailed job description for this role is attached below as a PDF file which can be downloaded.

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