CAN-Do 2015: everyday cycling

Theme: Everyday cycling

Chch cycling
Are you passionate about more people on bikes, more often? Christchurch hosted CAN's National Cycling Summit in March

2015 will be a big year for making New Zealand a better place to ride a bike. With $100m of new investment for urban cycling from the Government, ambitious plans from Councils, and flourishing bike culture, we're on our way.

Great to have Dougal List and Claire Pascoe from NZTA with us.
Their message: central govt money is no problem. Councils are the pinchpoint. The risk is under-delivery if Councils get cold feet once the tough decisions are faced.
So our tasks are
1. ensure Councils include cycling projects in Long Term Plans
2. build a massive credit balance of good news cycling stories, so Councils remain ambitious and bold.

Key themes:
1 focus on delivery
2 transfomative cycling projects, not incremental
3 quality and ambition will attract funding

We had a good session on parking, with reference to
Tim Papandreou's advice - sort out parking before you introduce CBD cycling plans.

Dates: 28-29 March, 2015

Venue: CPIT Whareora building, Barbadoes Street, central city  

Speakers included:

Christchurch Councillor Phil Clearwater (conference opening);
Professor Simon Kingham (conference keynote); His presentation is here.
Dougal List from NZTA,
Kevin Hague MP; and
Dr Glen Koorey.

The programme will include a ride to view progress on Christchurch's cycleway programme (and issues facing it), and a session open to the public.

There will be lots of opportunities to share your stories, and be encouraged by other advocates from around New Zealand. 

We recommend YMCA, 12 Hereford St.It has a range of options from private en-suite rooms to dormitories.They have a secure place for bike parking.

Post CAN Do ride will be Kumara to Hokitika on the West Coast Wilderness Trail, one of Nga Haerenga the New Zealand Cycle Trail Great Rides.

Bike Hire
Options here. Natural High rentals are walking distance from the airport; Antigua Boat & Bike Hire is walking distance from YMCA.

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