Action needed on cycling safety

Cycling advocates are calling for Government action, following a fatal crash in Christchurch today.

"Clearly we aren't doing enough to protect the 1.5 million New Zealanders who ride bikes," said Mr Morgan.

"We want the Government to commit to taking quick action on the Cycling Safety Panel's report, due in November."

The Cycling Safety Panel last week released their draft report for feedback ( and that includes draft recommendations for trucks..

Reports from Christchurch indicate that the cyclist ended up under a truck.

"The severity of these crashes can be greatly reduced by the fitting of side underrun protection rails and the use of electronic sensors in a truck's blind spots," said Mr Morgan.

"Driving a truck through a tight left hand intersection requires a lot of attention. It makes sense to have electronic eyes watching out along the sides of the truck."

He says cycling advocates have been working with bus and truck drivers for several years on programmes to reduce risk.

Mr Morgan says, "We need safer speeds, better road and vehicle designs, and training for drivers and cyclists."

"This requires investment. Less than one percent of the transport budget is spent on cycling. That needs to change in order to protect people who cycle."

Patrick Morgan
CAN - Cycling Advocates' Network
Tel 027-563-4733


September 29, 2014 Anonymous (not verified)


It is good to look back on how this issues has been addressed already today. Though troubles and problems are always there, still kudos to the authority for a better cycling experience.

Henry, tree trimming auckland