News release from Cycle Aware Wellington

Greens' transport plan a game-changer for Wellington
Cycling advocates have welcomed a new plan from the Green Party to address Wellington's transport issues.

"This policy raises the bar for cycling in Wellington," said James Burgess, Chairman of Cycle Aware Wellington.

"$80m over five years on cycleways would be a game-changer in meeting high public demand."

Since the 2006 Census, cycling in Wellington has grown by 73 percent, despite no significant spending.

"The plan's integrated transport approach would show that cycling is an important part of a balanced transport network, rather than something to try and fix on at the edges, fighting with parking."

He says investing in cycling is a win-win.

"Drivers will face less congestion and easier parking. People in buses will have a smoother trip, and businesses prosper in cities with quality cycleways."

Cycling has compelling health benefits. It lowers your risk of heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and mental illness.

"With National and others also promising to invest in cycling we are reaching all-party consensus."


James Burgess
Chair, Cycle Aware Wellington
tel 021 565 633

Patrick Morgan
Cycling Advocates' Network
tel 027 563 4733

Release Date: 
Monday, 8 September, 2014