New Zealand's cycling organisations are joining forces to make cycling safer.

The Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) and BikeNZ are working with the New Zealand Transport Agency on three new projects over the next 18 months, aimed at creating a safer environment for cycling.

The projects include training for cycling skills instructors; running workshops putting cyclists alongside truck and bus drivers; and developing a nationwide "share the road" campaign for all road users.

CAN Chairman Graeme Lindup says, "Cycling is booming in popularity in New Zealand, but we need to make it safer to realise its many benefits."

"We all win when more people cycle. There's less traffic congestion, cleaner air, lower health bills, and less money spent on expensive imported fuels."

"With two thirds of urban trips less than 6 km, and a third less than 2 km, we believe many more trips can be made by bike."

BikeNZ Chairman Richard Leggat says improving safety is essential to getting more people on bikes, more often.

"Our objective is to improve road user behaviour around cycling, reduce the rate of cycling crashes, and increase the confidence of people to take up cycling."

Both CAN and BikeNZ welcome this opportunity to further work with the New Zealand Transport Agency in getting more New Zealanders safely cycling more often.


For further information or interviews contact:
Graeme Lindup, Chairman, Cycling Advocates' Network
tel: 027 242 4842

Richard Leggat, Chairman, BikeNZ
tel: 021 289 1688

Release Date: 
Friday, 18 March, 2011