Volunteers in New Zealand will fix bikes as part of the world's largest day of practical action to fight climate change.

On Sunday October 10, people across the planet will pick up spanners, hammers, and shovels and join the 10/10/10 Global Work Party.

Organizers of Bike Fix-up events in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin expect hundreds of people to haul disused bikes out of sheds and, with the help of volunteer mechanics, get them back on the road.

"We're doing our bit to fix the climate, one bike at a time," said Cycling Advocates' Network spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"We're showing our leaders that we're getting started, and asking them what they are doing to fix the climate problem."

"Instead of waiting for unproven technology like biodiesel-fuelled jets, carbon capture and sequestration or geo-engineering, let's start with a practical, cheap solution - more people biking."

Mr Morgan said everyone wins when there are more people biking.

"There's less traffic congestion, less pollution, people are healthier, and businesses benefit from people having more disposable income."

Bikes outsell cars in New Zealand, said Pippa Coom, organiser of Auckland's Big Bike Fix Up, but bikes often get put into storage because many people lack the skills to fix a puncture.

"At the Big Bike Fix Up, the Tumeke Cycle Space team will be showing people how to keep their bikes running."

"We estimate there are a million bikes in storage. Getting these bikes fixed up and on the road will make a massive contribution to cutting our carbon emissions as well as easing Auckland's traffic congestion," says Ms Coom.

New Zealand fix-up days will join thousands of events across the planet.

The 10/10/10 Global Work Party is being coordinated by the international climate campaign Photos and video from thousands of simultaneous events across the planet will also be available for the media at

Auckland: Big Bike Fix Up, Shed 1, 101 Halsey Street, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, 10am - 4pm, hosted by Cycle Action Auckland, Frocks on Bikes and Tumeke Cycle Space (Auckland's community run volunteer bike workshop)
The Fix up includes: workshops and training throughout the day, kids deck out your bike station, entertainment, and rides around the Viaduct
Contact: Pippa Coom, tel 021 926 618

Wellington: Big Bike Fix Up, Waitangi Park, 10am - 4pm, hosted by Cycle Aware Wellington
Contact: Patrick Morgan, tel 027 563 4733

Christchurch: Souped up Cycles, Linwood Community Arts Centre, Worcester St, 1pm - 4pm, hosted by ICEcycles. Contact: Steven Muir, tel 021 061 9296

Dunedin: North East Valley Normal School, 248 North Road, 10am - 12:30pm
Contact: Alex King, tel 021 410 420

Events are also planned in New Plymouth and Porirua.

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Greenhouse gas emissions from transport increased by 64 percent in the period 1990-2006 and currently make up 18 percent of New Zealand's total emissions. (source: MoT)
Bikes emit no greenhouse gases.
More than a million New Zealanders ride bikes. The MoT Household Travel Survey (2006) shows there are 1.274 million cyclists in New Zealand, or a third (31%) of New Zealanders.
Business journalist Rod Oram will donate five of his well-loved family bikes.
More bikes facts at

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Wednesday, 29 September, 2010