Retest drivers every 10 years, say cycling advocates.

CAN spokesman Patrick Morgan says it's blindingly obvious that we aren't doing enough to make our roads safe.

"It's time we all took more responsibilty for road safety."

His comments follow news of a fatal crash on Tamaki Drive today.

"While there's no silver bullet that will eliminate all crashes, we need to take a fresh look at licensing and testing the competence of drivers."

Mr Morgan said feel-good campaigns such as 'Share the Road' aren't effective unless combined with higher driving and cycling standards.

"We get our eyes tested when we renew our driver's licence, so why not a theory and practical test to make sure drivers are up to date with changes to the road code?"

"Drivers have a duty of care to other road users, so we believe it's fair to check driving skills every 10 years."

Mr Morgan said it was important to keep the problem in perspective, and that cycling is much safer than many believe.

"Every road death is distressing news, but let's remember that more than a million people ride bikes in New Zealand, and that deaths are rare."

He said cycling is a healthy activity and convenient way to get around, and gets safer as more people ride.

"There's a safety in numbers effect that reduces the risk, as people get more accustomed to seeing people biking."

Release Date: 
Wednesday, 17 November, 2010