Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) says reverse-in parking is better for people in cars and pedestrians as well as cyclists.

CAN spokesperson, Anne FitzSimon, applauds New Zealand Transport Agency support for reverse-in parking.

"Reverse-in parking improves the driver's view when pulling out of parking spaces."

"It's safer for passengers as they face the footpath when getting out of a car. It's also easier to access a car boot from the footpath rather than standing in the road."

"And it greatly reduces conflict with cyclists."

Reverse-in parking induces traffic calming by lowering traffic speeds and improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

Ms FitzSimon says, "We are concerned that the AA believes reverse parking will lead to more accidents." 

The AA refers to women drivers, the elderly and those with limited mobility being most at risk.

Ms FitzSimon says, "Surely appropriate driver training and suitable mirrors for those with limited mobility should be encouraged by the AA."

"All angle parking requires reversing, whether in or out. Is the AA saying other road users, pedestrians and cyclists are at risk from women drivers, elderly and those with limited mobility?"


For further information or interviews contact:

Anne FitzSimon
Cycling Advocates' Network

Ph: 03 539 0527 mobile: 021 1123-890

PO Box 6491, Auckland, New Zealand

Release Date: 
Monday, 21 June, 2010
June 21, 2010 Anonymous (not verified)


does a switch to reverse-in angle parking mean that all the parking spaces need to be painted on the opposite slant?

In the picture on this page,  the angle parks look to be the same way we're used to seeing them in NZ, but look carefully - the picture is from a drive on-the-right country!

we could possibly have cited results from places this has been tried. I recently heard a report from someone that it was in place in Australia, or one of its States as least.


Hey Stephen, if you can find a better pic, please upload it - my alternative is a moose reverse-in parking...