Give way rule change is good news for cycleways

Changes to the give way rules were welcomed by cyclists today.

Cycling Advocates Network spokesperson Patrick Morgan said cyclists have for many years advocated for a change of the rules, so that right turners give way to opposing left turners.

"This change will be beneficial for all road users, as it makes the decision making process easier when turning."

"In addition, we see the give way rule change as a necessary pre-cursor for a review of the right of way when travelling along a road corridor."

In most European countries, any traffic, including cyclists, along a road corridor has the right of way over turning traffic. In New Zealand, only the traffic on the carriageway (i.e. between kerbs) has the right of way, with people on cyclepaths always having to give way at side streets.

The significance of this is that road controlling authorities such as councils are reluctant to build cyclepaths, as the carriageway offers a higher level of service due to people having the right of way on the road compared to cyclepaths.

"The outcome is that in New Zealand we build very few cyclepaths alongside roads," said Mr Morgan.

"If we want to improve road safety and increase the number of cyclists, then our give way rules should be aligned with those European rules that enable the construction of cyclepaths with a good level of service."

Such a rule change would of course aid the success of the New Zealand Cycle Trails, said Mr Morgan.


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Release Date: 
Wednesday, 29 September, 2010