Bicycles and summer go together, and kids of all ages will be heading out on new bikes this week.

Cycling Advocates' Network spokesperson Anne FitzSimon, says a bicycle is always near the top of the Christmas wish list.

"This year is no different with TradeMe reporting bikes in the top 10 searches for November."

For those lucky enough to find a bicycle at the foot of the Christmas tree, Cycling Advocates' Network has some tips:

  • Cycling is fun; having fun is more important than going fast
  • Learn about your brakes and how to use them
  • Mount and dismount your bike from the left hand side away from the chain; this keeps your clothes clean
  • Get started with firm tyre pressure
  • Get a bell and use it
  • Be courteous when sharing bike paths with walkers
  • Give yourself space - stay out of the car door range

In 2005 a British poll put the bicycle as the favourite invention since 1800, ahead of nuclear power and the internet.

Anne FitzSimon says if your bike has been sitting in the shed since last summer holidays, take a few minutes to give it some TLC.

"Most importantly, make sure your bike is not too big or too small for you to ride comfortably.  Before each ride check your ABCs: air pressure in tyres, brakes working and chain not loose or rusty.  Also check regularly for loose accessories, worn tyres, seat height and hand grips not slipping."

Ms FitzSimon says many cycling groups within Cycling Advocates' Network run maintenance courses and cycle training. Visit to contact local groups.

Further tips to improve your cycling experience go to Cycling Advocates' Network FAQ page at


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Release Date: 
Monday, 28 December, 2009