Cyclists presented Prime Minister John Key with a special award for services to cycling today.

John Key Cycle Award

Key receives award(photo credit: Office of Hon John Key)

Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) Deputy Chair Glen Koorey said Mr Key is a worthy recipient for his personal commitment to leading the New Zealand Cycle Trail Project.

“We think the Cycle Trail is an awesome idea.”

“A well-developed cycling network is more important than ever before. It is good to see the trail recognised as nationally important. We look forward to a range of other related projects to build on its benefits for local communities.”

CAN held its annual workshop in New Plymouth last month, where CAN members enthusiastically agreed to make this award.

The award takes the form of a bicycle bell mounted on a wooden base.

The presentation was made at 12:45 today at Mr Key's office at Parliament, Wellington.

Cycling Advocates' Network
was formed in 1996 as New Zealand's national network of cycling advocate groups. It is a voice for everyday cyclists - recreational, commuter and touring. CAN works with central government and local authorities for a better cycling environment.

Contact: Glen Koorey, CAN, tel 027-739-6905, email

New Zealand Cycle Trail


"A bell without a bicycle" appears online at:

See for a photo of the trophy.

Release Date: 
Thursday, 10 December, 2009
December 14, 2009 Anonymous (not verified)


another photo added

It would be very helpful to us if New Zealand's Cycling Champion Prime-Minister could be seen experiencing riding, as most people do in Copenhagen, unhelmeted, on an urban appropriate utility style bicycle with thousands of other bicyclists on the segregated cycleways in Copenhagen.

Let him know a.s.a.p.

Alan Preston in Mangawhai, Northland.