Cycling Advocates’ Network (CAN) announces the launch of a new guide helping cyclists with every day cycling. The guide recognises that cycling is enjoyable, makes a difference, and needs to be done responsibly. The launch supports the National Go By Bike Day on Wednesday 28 February 2007.

‘Cyclists need to be made more aware of the difference they are making’ says CAN spokesperson Stephen McKernon. ‘They also need to be aware of their behaviour on the road. Cyclists today have a responsibility to make cycling work better for other cyclists, for other road users, and for future cyclists too. But they need to be encouraged and supported to do this.’

The CAN guide brings together seven things that make cycling great now, and will help more cyclists enjoy it in the future. The guide is provided in full on the CAN website ( with other resources. Two points in the guide are:

1. Ride with pride – you’re making a difference!

2. Report problems – let your local council and police know about any problems!

‘For CAN, Go By Bike Day is a celebration of what cycling contributes to New Zealand,’ says Mr. McKernon. ‘Cycling is very important for both leisure and transport. It’s also on the increase, so it’s important that people learn to ride well and to appreciate its full value.’

‘Kiwi cyclists ride because they love it. It’s one of our top five national pastimes – that means more people cycle than play rugby! Cycling also helps people stay healthy, meaning fewer health problems, less pollution and less congestion,’ says Mr. McKernon.

Studies by SPARC show 15% of adults and 19% of youth cycle regularly for leisure. Another 7% of adults and 1% of youth enjoy mountain biking, and another 1% of each cycle competitively. That’s about one fifth of New Zealand’s population, or at least 720,000 cyclists in total.

Cycle import figures show there is now an average of one cycle for every household in New Zealand, and in recent years cycle imports have been greater than car imports.

Stephen McKernon

Media and Marketing Co-ordinator
Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN)
M: 021-450-021

CAN is the voice for every day cycling in New Zealand.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, 28 February, 2007