The national cyclist organisation, the Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN), today called on the Government to increase funding for cycling projects to $91 million over the next ten years.

Welcoming today's release of "Getting There - On Foot, By Cycle", the national walking and cycling strategy, CAN chairperson Robert Ibell said, "We congratulate the Government for taking this important step." "The strategy will help to return cycling to its rightful place in the transport system. But it's just the beginning: a strategy needs to be implemented. To achieve the vision that the strategy contains, there need to be carrots and sticks," he said.

"The money for Bike Wise promotions is an excellent start, but much more needs to be invested in such programmes, and in infrastructure, in order to achieve the strategy's goals," Mr Ibell said.

CAN has calculated that $91 million would be a conservative estimate of the cost of implementing all the cycling improvements currently proposed by local authorities and Transit NZ in their 10-year plans.

"We call on the Government to provide the impetus for local authorities and Transit to turn their plans into reality," said Mr Ibell.

"Lots of New Zealanders would like to cycle more, but feel that they are not welcome or safe on the roads. We expect this strategy to roll out improvements in communities around the country, for commuters, school students, cycle tourists and any other people who want to ride a bike." Mr Ibell said.


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For more details on CAN's estimates of required cycling expenditure, see our website at under Research > ChainLinks cycling research articles > June 2004 (or direct link to http:// )

Release Date: 
Thursday, 24 February, 2005