Toast for NZ's most efficient vehicle
New Zealand's most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle will be toasted outside Parliament Buildings on Wednesday. And no, it won't have taken part in the EnergyWise Rally.

Cyclists will assemble to celebrate the benefits of the bicycle, having been denied the opportunity to compete in the four day rally.

Wellington cyclist Patrick Morgan, a member of the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN), tried to enter the rally and found that the rules excluded bicycles.

"Cyclists are powered by toast and emit virtually no pollution. There's no way even the most modern motor vehicle can compete with the bike. We're cycling to Parliament to celebrate that." said Mr Morgan.

"It's important to reduce the environmental impact of cars, but it's much better still to use them less", said Mr Morgan. "People get too obsessed with high-tech solutions to pollution and congestion, forgetting that with the bicycle there's already a cheap and convenient answer to hand."

"If you're stuck in a traffic jam a fuel efficient car is no quicker than a gas guzzler. And either way I'll just cruise past on my bike", said Mr Morgan.

For further information, contact Patrick Morgan, Cycling Advocates Network, 04-384 6260 or 021-155 6966

Cyclists will be in front of Parliament Buildings at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday 12 November

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Tuesday, 12 November, 2002