The Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) said it was delighted with this evening's announcement by Mark Gosche, Minister of Transport, that the Government is to develop a national cycling strategy, something which CAN has been pushing for over the last few years.

CAN chairperson Jane Dawson said that a national cycling strategy should be a guiding document for national and local government, setting priorities for further work. "Government policy-making has traditionally been chopped up into discrete areas such as transport, health, and recreation. It has been very difficult for the benefits of cycling to be recognised. We anticipate that a national cycling strategy will enable strong linkages to be made between policy areas."

CAN� also welcomed the objectives set for the New Zealand Transport Strategy. "Cyclists have long seen that health, improved access and mobility, and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked to transport policy. We're glad to see this reflected in the Government's transport vision," said Ms Dawson.

CAN is pleased that a start has been made on funding cycling and walking initiatives with the allocation of $3 million. "We had hoped for a larger sum to be allocated to cycling, but from our point of view, making the promotion of cycling a priority for the National Land Transport Fund has more important implications for the future," Ms Dawson said.

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Release Date: 
Thursday, 28 February, 2002