Mad about cars, or just mad about cars? Need a good reason to leave the car at home? This Thursday you'll have two.

The rising cost of petrol make alternatives to your car look more attractive. Not only that, Thursday is Car Free Day, an event being celebrated worldwide.

In NZ, if you're getting on your bike that day you might be the lucky recipient of an apple.

Members of the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) will be joining others in encouraging people to try a new way of getting to work or school. In many centres cycle commuters will be rewarded for their transport choice with an apple.

"If they've already had breakfast, students might want to keep their apple to fuel their journey home. Or give it to their teacher," said CAN's campaign secretary Robert Ibell.

For further information, contact

Secretary: Adrian Croucher, Tel: 09-376-3787

Or contact your local CAN group to check out what's happening in your area.

Release Date: 
Tuesday, 19 September, 2000