Request for Expressions of Interest regarding Bike Share Program in New York City

New York City Department of Transportation
Request for Expressions of Interest
Bike Share Program
New York City
July 7, 2008
This Request for Expressions of Interest (“RFEI”) is issued to inform interested parties of The City of New York’s (the “City”) intention to explore the concept of bike share and investigate the feasibility of instituting such a program in New York City. The New York City Department of Transportation (“NYCDOT”) seeks information and expertise from firms with experience of implementing such programs in other cities, as well as from other interested parties.
NYCDOT considers a bike share program as being a network of publicly available bicycles (a “Bike Share Program”) the goals of which are not only recreational, but also to provide a means of multi-modal transportation. For example, a participant may bike from or to transit facilities to business and social destinations. Components of such Bike Share Programs may include distinctively-designed bicycles, fully integrated and automated parking stations as well as the ability to leave a bicycle at any station in the network.
The most successful existing Bike Share Programs minimize the cost to bike share users and provide a sufficiently extensive network of stations to accommodate a wide range of potential short trips in the network’s area of focus. These characteristics are important to NYCDOT but the agency is also open to receiving new ideas and financing structures that meet the unique challenges and opportunities of operating in the New York City environment.
Submissions should adhere to the following order and provide all of the following information.
2.1 Respondent’s Information
2.1.1 Provide contact information, including, the legal name of your firm or entity, business address, name of contact, telephone, email and Federal Tax Identification number (EIN).
2.1.2 Provide a summary of your firm’s background and experience with Bike Share Programs. Please do not submit standard marketing material.
2.1.3 Provide a list of cities, with in dense urban environments, in which your firm has implemented such Bike Share Programs, and indicate the number of stations and bicycles required for that program.
2.1.4 If your firm does not have a background and/or experience with Bike Share Programs, please provide a summary of your firm’s background and experience which would be suitable to implementing such a program.
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2.2 Market and Demographics
What is the size of the market for a Bike Share Program in New York City?
What will be the target market for a Bike Share Program?
How will New York City’s specific demographic, geographic and density issues affect the planning for the program?
2.3 Program Structure and Logistics
Describe the appropriate scope for a Bike Share Program in New York City? Specifically address the number of bike stations, number of bikes per station, spacing between stations, size of stations and other factors.
Describe the station site selection process, infrastructure and clearance requirements.
What type of equipment, including bikes, stations, etc., would work best in the New York Environment?
How can safety equipment, including helmets, be incorporated into the program?
What are the relevant criteria and conditions for site stations?
What end user fee structure should be implemented?
What types of technology can be implemented to ensure the success of a Bike Share Program, including but not limited to online reservations, membership, real-time availability and equipment diagnostics.
Would a pilot or demonstration program be advisable and/or feasible?
Describe any barriers or issues with a Bike Share Program in New York City that may need to be addressed before such a program is launched.
2.4 Costs and Funding Methods
How much would it cost to implement a Bike Share Program?
What would be the initial capital costs?
What would be the projected annual operating costs?
What are the possible funding sources for a Bike Share Program?
Specifically address the obstacles and advantages to each source of funding.
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3.1. Submission Details
Please submit five copies of your submission, printed on both sides (double-sided) on paper with no less than 20% post-consumer material content, to:
Ms. Nina Haiman
New York City Department of Transportation
40 Worth Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10013.
In addition, respondents should submit a copy of their submission on a CD ROM in Microsoft format.
3.2 Deadline
Submissions must be received no later than 5:00 PM New York City time on September 15, 2008.
3.3 Inquiries
Any inquiries concerning this RFEI should be directed by e-mail, under the subject line “Bike Share RFEI Q&A”, to All questions must be submitted no later than August 15, 2008, at noon New York City time. NYCDOT will circulate questions and answers to respondents who provide e-mail addresses.
3.4 Brevity
Please keep your response as brief as possible. In no event should it be longer than fifteen (15) pages, using no smaller than twelve (12) point type.
This REFI is not intended as a formal offering for the award of a contract or for participation in any future solicitation.
NYCDOT does not intend to grant or issue any agreements on the basis of this REFI.
NYCDOT, the City and their officials, officers, agents and employees make no representation or warranty and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information set forth in this RFEI.
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No information contained in submitted submissions shall be deemed confidential and such information may be shared with other governmental entities. Therefore, please do not submit any information that may be deemed proprietary in nature.
Neither NYCDOT nor the City shall be liable for any costs incurred by any respondent in the preparation, submittal, presentation or revision of its submission. Neither NYCDOT nor the City shall be obligated to pay and shall not pay any costs in connection with the preparation of such submissions.
All submissions shall become the property of NYCDOT and the City and shall not be returned.
NYCDOT at its sole discretion reserves, without limitation, the right to:
Withdraw the RFEI at any time;
To discuss various approaches with one or more respondents (including parties not responding to the RFEI);
Use the ideas and/or submissions in any manner deemed to be in the best interests of NYCDOT and the City, including but not limited to soliciting competitive submissions relating to such ideas or proposals and/or undertake the prescribed work in a manner other than that which is set forth herein; and
Change any terms of the RFEI.
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