Healthy Streets

We deserve Healthy Streets
You would expect a cycling advocacy organisation like CAN to be campaigning for bike lanes and safe traffic speeds. But as they say, "Sell the cake, not the ingredients". That's why we're fans of the Healthy Streets approach. It starts with an inclusive vision of what we want: streets that are good for us. Streets that are socially and economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable.

A street that works for people is a street that is good for health.

Towns and cities everywhere are facing the challenge of keeping communities healthy and happy.

Healthy Streets is an evidence-based approach for creating fairer, sustainable, attractive urban spaces.

10 Healthy Street Indicators™

Everyone feels welcome

People to choose to walk and cycle

People feel relaxed

Easy to cross

Clean air

Not too noisy

Places to stop and rest

People feel safe

Things to see and do

Shade and shelter