Windy Wheels December 1994

Windy Wheels December 1994

Windy Wheels, 12 Dec 94

This information is taken from Windy Wheels, 12 Dec 94. Windy Wheels is produced every month. Please send your contribution to the Editor, CAW, PO Box 11-964, Wellington. Editor: Liz Mikkelsen.

[Current plans are to expand this site to include the full text of the Bulletin each month.]


    Reclaiming the World

    About 40 cyclist joined Campaign For Better City on a 'critical mass' style ride through the city streets at 5:30pm on Friday, 3 December. This massed coincidence occurs on the first Friday of every month. Riders congregate outside 265 Cuba Street at 5:30pm. Next ride will be on 3 February 95.


    The Waterfront

    Since the last newsletter, three CAW members have had a meeting with Lambton Harbour Management, Donald Best, to discuss the provision of a cycling facilty along the waterfront. It appears no such provision has been made. We will be following up our visit with a submission. Please; if you are cycling along the waterfront every day, or every so often, for recreation, please come forward.
    Liz Mikkelson


    News from Britain

    In Britain, the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution has called for measures to reduce the use of cars and for the proportion of urban journeys by bicycle to be increased. The commission recommended a doubling of petrol prices and a halving of road-building programmes, the money to be spent instead on public transport. In reaction, the British AA complained that motorists were 'faced with penalties to drive us out of our cars on to non-existant or inadequate alternatives.'
    Jane Dawson


    ACC Stickers

    ACC has produced reflective stickers asking motorists to "Look 4 Bikes" as part of their injury prevention work. The stickers are $1 each. Write to Aniela Edmond, ACC, PO Box 5343, Auckland for these. CAW has a limited number available; phone Jane at 385-2557.
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