The Benefits of changing from 'Cars to Bikes' and : R.T.C. Request, for Carbon Tax to fund Waikato Sustainable Transport

The Benefits of changing from 'Cars to Bikes' and : R.T.C. Request, for Carbon Tax to fund Waikato Sustainable Transport

Good day Norm Barker and Bill McMaster

We have a request for the Regional Transport Committee to lobby the National Government.

The RLTS Outcomes and Challenges mentions that on 1st July 2010 Transport enters the Emissions Trading Scheme, and the price of petrol will rise through carbon tax on vehicle emissions.

The Regional Walking and Cycling Strategy states of the NZ Transport Strategy 2008, Seven areas of action or interventions outlined in order to achieve the NZTS targets, which includes: - "Considering options for charging that will generate revenue for investment in transport infrastructure and services."

Can the R.T.C. Lobby the Government on the above area of NZTS action, to enable Transport Carbon Tax on Vehicle Emissions (collected within the Waikato Region) to be distributed through the Waikato R.L.T.P. (back to the Waikato Region) to fund Sustainable Transport Initiatives such asShared-use Walking and Cycling transport paths, on-road cycle lanes, 'bike racks on buses', Mobility access on buses, Public transport Bus Services, and Park and Ride Services?

With the allowance of Heavier Commercial Freight Trucks, and the National Government's focus to fast-track building Roads of National Significance, there will be plenty of Carbon Emissions Tax being generated in New Zealand.

Proposals for planting trees to offset carbon emission tax are only a band-aid, treating the symptoms of greenhouse gas emissions. They do nothing to reduce the cause of the actual problem which originates from New Zealand's car-dominated transport system.

Utilising the Carbon Emission Tax to fund Sustainable Transport would tackle the cause of the problem, and enable the many Councils within the Waikato Region to construct their Walking and Cycling Transport Networks, which are currently struggling as they only receive very little Transport funding subsidy from NZTA (5-10%) , rather than the previous (55%) subsidy.

Would the Regional Transport Committee consider lobbying the Government on this important issue for our Waikato Region?

Yours Sincerely, Rob Davidson (for Cycle Action Waikato)

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