North Taranaki Cycling Advocates 1st Sept 2010 Minutes

North Taranaki Cycling Advocates 1st Sept 2010 Minutes

North Taranaki Cycling Advocates

Wed 1 Sept 2010


Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart

Present: Anne, Nathaniel, Alan, Gaye, Stuart, Graeme

I. Update on Model Communities grant

1.  Liz Thomas (from Living Streets) and Patrick (from CAN) met with Nathaniel, Carl, Tanya and Anna this morning to brainstorm ideas to promote for using the grant to promote walking and cycling.  Carl and Nathaniel will be moving to Projects Team during implementation of the grant. Neighbourhoods will be encouraged to submit a skeleton idea for a project with the likely costs. Nathaniel will post applications to NTCA when they are available.

2.  Discussed specific ideas for projects NTCA can participate in and there seems interest in NTCA providing support for a block party organised by neighbours in Wallace Place and Hine Street in the spring. Nathaniel will check re: alternatives to formally closing off the street (such as having a clear traffic management plan) and the consequences of neighbours serving alcoholic drinks at such a function. Sun at 1 pm was agreed as the ideal time, as the block party would be family oriented. The Wallace Place block party would be used to develop a toolkit for other neighbourhoods to hold block parties. The idea is to reclaim the street as something more than a place for cars.

3. Nathaniel reported the grant will allow 2-3 neighbourhoods to submit applications for total makeovers that enhance walking and cycling - to be undertaken by engineering in consultation with the neighbourhood.


II. Upcoming Events

  1. Nathaniel reported that CAN has designated 10/10/10 as bike fix-it day. Was agreed that Huatoki Plaza is the ideal location (hopefully with cooperation of local bike shops) and that NTCA will have a table and possibly offer minor repairs and bike safety checks. Graeme will be away then, so Stuart agreed to contact Katie about putting out an email promoting bike fix-it day to the whole email list.
  2. World Carfree Day - Nathaniel believes this is Sept 23rd but will check and let us know.
  3. World Parking Day - Sept 24th. Nathaniel is looking for people to take over carparks to stress the value of this land is being lost - people will need to pay the parking charges to use the space more creatively. Gaye is possible interested (but doesn't have email), so Nathaniel will contact her directly about possibly reserving a parking spot. He has been working with Govett Brewster and some Whanganui artists who are going to create a cycle lane out of crushed cars in parking spaces starting on Queen Street. He is looking for a mountain biker to ride a bicycle over the cars.


III. Road Safety Issues

Gaye reported that drivers tend to be quite reckless on Carrington Road at the town limit - which may pose a hazard to cyclists who train there. Graeme will check with Carl about the possibility of posting a sign there and will email NTCA samples of Taupo Road signs remind drivers to watch for cyclists. Nathaniel will talk to John Dean about the need to caution cyclists as well

 IV. NPDC Cycling Strategy

 Nathaniel reported that $150,000 that had been withdrawn from the cycling strategy has mysteriously reappeared. Graeme will remind Carl/Steve that this $150,000 still needs to be spent on specific upgrades that were agreed. It was also agreed that this would be the focus of the next Cycle Strategy Implementation Meeting to be held Wed Sept 22nd.

V. Mayoral Candidates Forum

Stuart reported that the New Plymouth Walking Advocacy Group will be holding a Mayoral Candidates Forum (cosponsored by NTCA) on Thur Sept 9th in NPDC Chambers. The main focus will be questions posed to candidates re: the Model Communities grant and what they propose to do to promote walking and cycling in New Plymouth.


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