Minutes of Cycle Aware Wellington meeting 6-7.30pm 2 October 2012, Library Bar, Courtenay Place.

Minutes of Cycle Aware Wellington meeting 6-7.30pm 2 October 2012, Library Bar, Courtenay Place.

Present: Claire (chair), Don, Patrick, Paul, Kate, Brian, Willemijn, Adam, Sridhar, Peter, Tim, Ian, Alex, James, Neil, Alastair (minutes).

NZTA basin flyover/ Memorial Park.
Although CAW is opposed to the project, we need to be smart about getting best facility for cyclists. Claire, Atom, and Roger met with NZTA/Opus to discuss detail of the design and implications for cyclists. Cycle paths are being designed as 3m wide, rather than 4m which would be best practice for fast commuter traffic. The slope from Cambridge Terrace to the
Memorial park is a zig zag which would be inefficient for commuting cyclists, and a more direct route is needed. Cycle routes also need to integrate with the proposed Island Bay cycleway. NZTA will be preparing an application for environmental consent in early 2013. Need to prepare a CAW submission. [The proposal maps are now on Facebook]

Paul Bruce talked about the Save the Basin campaign. Project X offers more a cycle friendly alternative to the NZTA plans. Save the Basin campaign plans to have an open day at the end of October.

Go By Bike Day 13 February 2013
Claire has applied for a $5000 grant from WCC for project management, and we've agreed to use this to contract someone (perhaps Revolve) to organise, though there will be plenty of need for volunteers on the day.

Golden mile speed reduction.
WCC is proposing to reduce the speed limit from 30km/h to 20k. CAW supports. Patrick, James, Tim, and Willemijn will do a CAW submission, but individual submissions are also useful. Due 26 October.

Local Government Association Meeting
Don Mackay reported on cycling presentations at the recent Local Government Association meeting: the Hastings iWay project featured in the excellence awards, winning on an efficiency basis. The Motu offroad cycle route also featured.

Meeting with WCC.
James and Claire discussed with Paul Barker (WCC) a list of cheap projects to progress cycling, for example footpath upgrades to shared path, right turn from Thorndon Quay into Bunny St, Manner St/ Opera House Lane. WCC plans to spend $50 000 to investigate cycling options for Hutt Rd from Thorndon to Ngauranga which may involve on road cycle lanes replacing the current shared path. CAW needs to consider whether there should continue to be an off road option for cyclists. Alastair suggested a separated cycle path on the north (inland) side of the Hutt Rd which would avoid crossing business entrances, but would have problems crossing the on ramp from Aotea Quay.

Bus bike workshop 9 October 10am - 1pm Kilbirnie
Volunteers please contact Patrick  or David. Thanks: Tim, Adan and Neil.

Women's cycling festival 18-22 October .
CAW is sponsoring a maintenance session.

WCC Safe & Sustainable Transport fund
WCC has $10 000 available for transport projects, e.g. training, education. Don will try an application for car stickers to encourage drivers to look for cyclists before opening their door. Due 31 October.

Roll on Wellington awards
For 5 December meeting. 5 categories suggested: best/worst cycling infrastructure, most friendly train guard, cycle friendly cafe/business, cycle friendly employer.

Rants and raves
Patrick: Reuben will be talking at the November CAW meeting about his London - Whanganui bike odyssey.
Ian: Southern Cross hospital has no bike parking.
Don: Appreciated roadworkers who guided him through the roadworks at John St intersection.
Brian: noted more cyclists with daylight saving.
Kate discussed the development of her proposal for cycle lanes through Newtown.
James: finally got a puncture in his puncture proof tyres (Schwalbe Marathon), after 4000k!
Claire: Lane changes at Taranaki/Wakefield disadvantaged cyclists, now have been changed back.
Alex: argued for WCC having a modal share target for cycling.


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