Minutes of CAW meeting 6-7.30pm 5 June 2012, Four Kings Bar, Wellington.

Minutes of CAW meeting 6-7.30pm 5 June 2012, Four Kings Bar, Wellington.

Present: James, Atom, Don, Tom, Tim, Ben, Mike, Hilleke, Patrick, Alastair [minutes], Claire [chair], Neil, Phaedra, Paul, Lisa.

Jo Draper & Mike Seabourne, NZTA: initiatives for cycling Petone - Ngauranga

Mike described proposed short term measures to allow two way cycling on a separated cycle path between Ngauranga and Petone. The 800m metal barrier between the Petone overbridge and the current start of the cycle path will be moved out to provide protection for whole of the cycle path. Some space might be taken from rail corridor. The barrier would have gaps to allow cyclists to swap between the SH2 shoulder and the cycle path. Maintenance would be stepped up, for example on vegetation on the cycle path.

Jo described the start of consultation on the long term upgrade of the Petone - Ngauranga cycle path. They plan focus groups and surveys with current cyclists and potential cyclists, and seek CAW's help with recruiting these. Phaedra offered to contact potential cyclists from GNS. Tom offered to contact Hutt cyclists. Jo will send a summary to CAW, and will also advertise in Hutt News.

Debrief on submission season and meeting with WCC

Most people had put in submissions to GWRC and WCC, and these seem to have been well received.
James heard NZ Bus submission which raised issues that cylists could exploit, e.g. NZ Bus wants an extra lane on Ngauranga Gorge for buses, which could also provide a separated 2 way lane for cyclists.
Paul Bruce (GWRC councillor) mentioned the large number of submissions on bike racks on buses. He arranged a workshop where GWRC heard from NZTA and ECAN about the Christchurch bike racks: 70% of buses have racks, though so far only 0.2% usage, compared with 2-3% overseas. Paul thinks hills, and mountain biking would favour more usage in Wellington. GWRC have agreed to have trial, but still scheduled for 2016/2017. Paul is also arguing for off peak bike carrying in buses. There is a proposal to fit a free sample rack on the Otaki bus, but this has been rejected ($1200 shipping cost, concern about raised expectations). If you're flying from the US with a generous baggage allowance, let GWRC know :-). Alastair mentioned comment at hearings that CAW needs also to talk to bus operators.

Hutt submissions: Tom argued against seaward cycle path and Aotea quay, favouring improved on road cycle route. WCC is looking at bikes in bus lanes rather than on Hutt Road cycle path between Ngauranga and Thorndon. Tom notes safety issues with cycle path, problems with getting Parkwise to ticket illegally parked vehicles.

Claire reported on post-submission meetings with WCC. There is a proposal for the shared path on Aotea Quay to connect through to the Hutt Rd cycle path, although there are still issues of getting a strip of land from the port area. There is a possibility of creating cycle lanes on Jervois Quay between Willeston St and Cable St. Investigation work is starting on the Island bay - CBD route, with a plan to construct the route in 2014-2015. Lower speed limits are not due to be funded, but may get back into the plan.
A bicycle right turn from Featherston into Bunny St for commuters travelling south is possible. The proposed bicycle corral at Four Kings appears to be too hard. A trial of sharrows is possible - not yet officially supported, but NZTA has agreed to trials. No funding for a cycle coordinator.

The recreation team at WCC are keen on a cyclovia event, closing a lane on the Quays between the Westpac stadium and Te Papa. Don says the Island Bay community is proposing a similar event for the south coast.

Financial statement

The independently audited financial statement was presented by Tom, and approved (Alastair/Phaedra: carried).


Isobel will start a CAW Twitter account, with feed going to the Face Book page.

Issues to pass on to WCC

James and David are our Safe and Sustainable Transport Reference Group (SASTRG) reps. Suggestions for things to raise at next meeting: Adelaide Rd/ John St changes. No feeder lanes to Advance Stop Boxes. No consideration for cyclists in changes. Could make one of the two left turning lanes from Adelaide into Riddiford a bus/bike lane.

Also: push for bike lanes on Jervois Quay, make it explicit that Bunny St is open to cyclists.


Patrick announced CAN office has moved to 2 Forresters Lane, opposite Bunnings on Tory St, Wellington. Patrick also distributed CAN spoke reflectors (looking suspiciously like no-brand cigarettes!)
Neil mentioned issues with impatient traffic in Aro St.
Claire has had her Blade bike stolen, but the helmet recovered - it appears bike thieves do not favour pink helmets.
Alastair reported experiencing the Hunterville Police campaign to enforce visibility of number plates. $100 fine if you don't have a supplementary plate when your rear racked bikes obscure your normal plate.


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