Minutes of CAW meeting 6-7.30pm, 5 Feb 2013, Paramount Cinema Lounge

Minutes of CAW meeting 6-7.30pm, 5 Feb 2013, Paramount Cinema Lounge

Present: Claire (Chair), Allan, Kate, Patrick, Phaedra, Craig, Jasmine, Don, Matthew, Paul, Ian, James, Frank, Isobel, Brian, Tim, Linda, Tom, Alastair (minutes).

1. Around Bays fun run, 17 Feb. Craig Ireson (Sport Wellington) spoke about of problem with cyclists - course is legally closed for the run. Shared path OK but not advisable. Best to avoid area. Discussed ways to publicise issue, and encourage cyclists to choose other areas. Several CAW people volunteered to help out on the day, maybe as marshalls at points where cyclists can be encouraged to choose an alternative route.

2. Plans and final ideas for Go By Bike Day 13 Feb include a Metlink bus so people can check out how visible they are in mirrors etc, bike juice blender, and the amazing photo travelling booth for a free update for your FaceBook profile. Also the Mayor, regional councillors, bagels, Dirt Merchants, Bike Junction... Ian, James, possibly Isobel and others will staff the CAW stall, which will have a display/poll of types of routes preferred for the Island Bay Superhighway. There will be a GBBD PDF poster for people to download and put up at work - check CAW website/FB.

3.Feedback from workshop with WCC and Opus about potential new cycle routes. There is $500K budgeted, plus NZTA funding, for investigation/construction. Three proposals: Island Bay to CBD, Lyall Bay to Owhiro Bay, and Ngauranga to Aotea. Island Bay to CBD most likely to be progressed. An issue is whether cyclists (particularly new cyclists) are more averse to traffic (Adelaide/Kent-Cambridge) or hills (Tory/Tasman/Hanson). Looking at offroad routes through MacAlister park and/or Berhampore Golf course. Other issues: providing access to intermediate destinations (hospital, Newtown shops), political barrier to removing parking to provide space for cycle facilities. Kate mentioned her proposal for bike lanes in middle of Riddiford St.

Lyall Bay to Owhiro Bay: there is a need to provide an offroad alternative to narrow winding road, but unlikely to attract NZTA dollars.

Ngauranga to Aotea: upgrade existing Hutt Road path, or develop a new seaward route? Possible clipon flyover to Aotea Q to avoid Interislander Terminal. Expensive but could be an iconic entry to Wellington!

Paul Bruce mantioned plans in Public Transport Spine Study for a tram and cycle/footpath tunnel from the Zoo to Kilbirnie.

4. Wheels of Justice bike play. Tom Truss spoke about this murder mystery on bikes. $15 Sat/Sun in Feb/Mar, 2hr.

5. Risk analysis: Howard Markland has a proposal to bring risk analysis methodologies to a strategic plan for fixing cycle hazards in Wellington. Use cyclists with helmet cams. Applying for 3K$ sustainable transport fund. CAW will provide support. Some inspiration at bikeeverywhere.co.nz, includes nice version of rules for cycling.

6. NZTA says SH2 onramp north of Ngauranga is being modified. Alastair will enquire if shoulder width is likely to be changed.

7. Rimutaka Rail trail - fun family outing. As a result of Kiwirail contacts made through cycle awards, Claire arranged for 20 spaces on Masterton Train for the GWRC's Rimutaka Rail Trail trip on 9 Feb. Catching the 9.55am train from Wellington and riding from Maymorn station. We'll jump back on the 5.26pm train in Featherston (RSVP to claire.pascoe@gmail.com for this option). $14.50 return. There'll be a BBQ, and a talk on the history of the railway.

8. Rants and raves

Alan: Cycle couriers! But other people felt that they are less of an issue now, and there is more observance of red lights. (perhaps due to CAN's Stop at Red campaign?)

Alastair: Everyday cycling in Aotearoa/New Zealand from Awa Press is out.

James rode the completed parts of Tawa Path - fantastic.

Brian says Bond St - Willis is not easy to get through on a bike now.

Don thinks St John/ Adelaide intersection has improved. Paul asks about lack of bike parking at Countdown - there are racks immediately next to the Hanson st parking entrance

Tom comments the tendency for driveways in NZ to have a lip onto roadway, which is hazardous for bikes.

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