Minutes of CAW meeting 6-7.30pm 3 April 2012

Minutes of CAW meeting 6-7.30pm 3 April 2012

Present: Brian, Phaedra, Claire [chair], Mike C, Jack, Mike T, Hilleke, Don, Frank, Sridhar, James, Kate, Ian, Marilyn, Isobel.
Apologies from Tom Halliburton, Patrick

WCC budget amendment and upcoming submissions
At the last meeting we moved in to compaign mode, but the Council (15:0) voted to reinstate the cycle budget. Still need to work on keeping budget in plan.

Greater Wellington Long Term Plan submissions
This includes the Ngauaranga gap, bikes on buses etc.
Phaedra is coordinating submissions.

Jack Jiang presented his Masters in Architecture research, into a modular bicycle infrastructure design for Wellington. This includes marketing, branding, bike parking, public bike scheme, bicycle hub at Railway Station, vending machines for spares...
developed framework, modular design based on car outline.
Jack will write up a version for the Cycling in Wellington blog.

Kate Zwartz presented her Newtown bike lane proposal, from John St on Riddiford St through Newtown shopping centre. The two way 2.4m lane would be in the middle of road. Could have physical separation, e.g. a slightly raised surface.
Advantages include: no conflict with buses, parked cars, cyclists would be visible because on driver's side. Issues include: getting on to/off lane, conflict with cars turning right, could be offputting for newbie cyclists.
Has been done in Portland Oregon.

Hutt Rd pole saga continued.
Pole and bus shelter obstruct/interrupt bike path on Hutt Rd at Westminster St. WCC will not remove advertising panels on bus shelter to improve visibility. GWRC will take down real time pole.

Wellington's first bike corral
Les Mills Gym want to convert car parks to bike parking. Claire has been facilitating contacts between them, WCC, and the Four Kings Bar, to convert parking space at Inglewood Place to a bike corral. Will start with 6 stands on corner of Dixon/Taranaki. Aim to get "cool" bike stands rather than standard Sheffield racks.

James - advertising trailer parked near Hutt cycle path, obscuring view.

Mike and Hilleke are making a bicycling safety video, and have recruited Stephen Fry to do voiceover. Stephen considers the script "delightful".

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