Minutes of CAW Meeting 4 September 2012

Minutes of CAW Meeting 4 September 2012

Minutes of Cycle Aware Wellington Meeting 6-7.30pm 4 September 2012 Library Bar.

Present: Patrick, Phaedra, Claire (Chair), Jean, Frank, Isobel, Mike, Hilleke, James, Don, Ian, Tom, Yvonne, Paul, Dolores, Alastair (minutes)

Everyone introduced themselves by nominating something that would make cycling in Wellington better. Ideas included: a route for the Great Harbour Way that would get past the Interislander terminal, an uphill shared path on the Russell Tce footpath, better provision for biking through the John St/Adelaide Rd intersection during the current construction work, not having the tanker fuelling the cross harbour ferry blocking the waterfront route, limiting cyclists speeds on oriental parade shared path, bike racks on buses, reverse angle parking, separate bike sequence at lights on Willis/Karo drive junction.

Meeting with WCC

Claire has arranged a meeting later in week with WCC to discuss concerns.

Research project on road space reallocation
Jean Beetham talked about her Masters in Environmental Studies research, investigating reallocation of road space to cycle lanes. She is using Tory St as a case study, investigating the reasons people park in the street and drive through, estimating the retail benefit of parking. She's also looking at cyclist demand for a southern suburbs - CBD route, and whether this could be satisfied by a route including Tory St/Tasman St.

War memorial legislation
Legislation is being fast tracked to make the area in front of the War Memorial over the Buckle Street "trench". Claire and James will do a quick submission on the need to make provision for a commuter bike route.

Basin reserve
NZTA have chosen option A (flyover close to Basin) over B, and it will include walk/cycle clipon route. Will get NZTA to talk to a future CAW meeting. Need to keep pressure up to retain clipon, and provide adequate maintainance.

Petone Ngauranga cycle route
Claire attended an NZTA focus group, it looks like the proposed temporary solution is not being gone ahead with.

Meeting with AA
Claire reported on meeting with AA staff to discuss ways to work together: AA want to get away from an anticylist image. They have carried out surveys of members on for example cycle facilities and a "BikeAssist" service where members could get roadside bike repairs. Next issue of magazine Directions has cycling theme, also interest in sponsoring Go By Bike Day.

Safety in the City awards
WCC have asked for nominations for the Safety in the City awards by 21 Sept. Suggestions and people who will nominate include:
Transient and Highland Fling - trail builders - James
Cycle skills training - Marilyn - Patrick
Bus driver workshops/ Bus drivers - David / Claire

Ngauranga - Kaiwharawhara Great Harbour Way route
Alastair reported on a walk 25 August by the GHW trust members with people from WCC, NZTA, Centreport and Kiwirail, to investigate a shoreline route from Ngauranga to Kaiwharawhara. Although there is a reasonable space for a cycling/walking route, crossing the Interislander ferry terminal is a problem. There is a possible pedestrian crossing using an NZTA gantry and the overbridge at Kaiwharawhara station, but a cycle route would probably require an expensive cycle path clipped on to the side of the motorway. In the foreseeable future, the route is likely to be along Hutt Rd, using the proposed bus lanes. CAW will need to decide whether to push for separated cycle lanes on the Hutt road.

Bike seat cover
Patrick showed off a natty cover for keeping your seat dry when parked in the rain, suggested as a GWRC promotional tool. The virtues of plastic bags were mentioned.

Patrick: Research for NZTA indicates that cyclists have a lower exposure to pollutants than car drivers.
Paul: mentioned Alistair Woodward's research on the health and other savings of people moving to bikes for transport.
Paul also mentioned Celia's media statement on GHW.
Mike: the Friendly Cyclist videos have reached 21500 views.
James: reported a rogue Newland bus driver who ran a red light - the bus company is taking action.
Don: welcomed a new bike rack at Newtown "Third World"
Hilleke: there are new reflective posts to prevent night time cyclists running into the row of stakes installed in the Buckle St cycle path
Claire: encouraged people to get tickets for the Car Free Comedy Showdown
Ian: problems with cycling across kerb where there is too big a gap, for example the entry to the Botanic Gardens route from Upland Rd. Ian however is more sanguine about Wellington cycling, after tackling the Worlds Most Dangerous Road.

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