Minutes of CAW meeting 3 June 2014

Minutes of CAW meeting 3 June 2014

Present: James (chair), Alan (minutes), Phaedra, Hilleke, Rob, Sarah, Reuben, Alex, Eleanor, Alastair Baldwin, Ian, Don.

Hutt Valley update

Alan gave an overall update, covering the Annual Plan, new regular Council discussions every 3 months and regular meetings with the NZTA Journey Manager (Adam Nicholls, along with James for CAW).

Island Bay latest news - progress, our route ideas, publicity

Hilleke described discussions with the Council. They are investigating how to improve their work with the community. Acknowledged consultation could have been better, but there were flyers, meetings etc and difficult to connect with everyone. James mentioned the careful thinking Opus had already put into the whole route and the confusion over the various proposed routes and designs.

There will be two open days for the first section, on 18 and 22 June. Southern Ward constituents can call Paul Eagle as their councillor.

For stage two of the route (Berhampore), there will be more consultation including wider community representation. Retailer support will be important - cyclists can connect/support when in the area, and also promote the idea of a 30km/h limit there.

Discussion about how there's typically resistance before a project like this because people don't know what to expect and what the effects will be. Once the project is complete, neighbours are very pleased as they can see the benefits. Heretaunga St in Hastings gives a good example, and the roadside path between Hastings and Havelock North has been a great success.

Sarah asked if the proposed width is sufficient for a safe kerbside path. We agreed yes, with buffer treatment and careful intersection design. 

Notes from the AGM

James mentioned the minutes were available and highlighted committee changes (Ron and Andy joined, and Craig and Ian left)

Financial: Change of bank signatories:

James Burgess to be added as a signatory on the CAW Kiwibank account, Claire Pascoe to be removed. The three signatories (any two can approve a payment) will then be: Tom Halliburton, James Burgess, and Alastair Smith. Approved.

A round-up of ongoing projects with activity in the last month or so (Kilbirnie/Miramar, Tawa, Memorial Park...)

Heaps on and the Council is working out how to programme different projects around each other to make the best use of the increased budget.

For the blueprint studies of Miramar and Kilbirnie, the Opus project director led a ride around the suburbs.

Johnsonville roading improvements are in planning, James met with the team and hopefully the cycling provision will be improved in a second draft.

Memorial park work is progressing. James has met the project team and cycling infrastructure aspect still isn't great but there are some opportunities to improve it and the team are looking into those.

The council are being criticised for focusing everything on Island Bay, and this is not the case - the Level of Service study for 19 other routes shows this. They need to publicise this network thinking and planning better though.

Sharrows (!) trial on Featherston and Victoria

The trail Sharrows are finally in. Go and try them out! And give the council or NZTA any feedback you have - of course they have structured observation and monitoring too.

Infrastructure guidelines (eg intersection design for cycleways) - Ron

Ron presented his proposal for clear documentation of agreed best practice - agreed a good idea; will need development and agreement. Hilleke and Ron will discuss this to develop online resources.

Update from the last Active Transport Forum

Included practice versions of VeloCity presentations.

Election campaign ideas

How to develop the local candidate questionnaires to national election level. Could start with local Wellington MPs and add partypolicy too.

Business liaison plans and ideas

Discussed directions for development - Retailers Association etc.


The rants and raves were too hilarious / potentially libellous to publish. You had to be there...



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