Minutes of CAW meeting 3 February 2015

Minutes of CAW meeting 3 February 2015

Present: Ron (chair) Paul, Claire, Libby, Kirsten, Patrick, Mark, Roger,  Sean, Ruben, Sridhar, Cameron, Frank, Andy, Mark, Nick, Peter,  Brian, Jill, Eleanor, Andy, Paul, Dolores, Alastair

Island Bay to CBD

Extraordinary meeting of Council decided that cycling infrastructure decisions made by Transport and Urban Development Committee must go to full council. Councillors want to see a full Cycleway Development Programme.

Timetable for Island Bay Parade Cycleway is:

4 Feb: Transport and Urban Development Committee to approve

25 Feb: full Council to approve, work could start 3 weeks later.

Cycleway Development Programme

Paul Barker (WCC Manager Safe and Sustainable Transport) spoke about the development of the Cycleway Development Programme. A paper will be going to the Transport and Urban Development Committee with a draft plan to be developed between now and June, identifying routes and priorities for implementation. A CAW representative is needed for the group developing the Programme. *Nomination to Paul by end February*

Funding is looking positive, with 2:1 government subsidy now available. Plan is to spend $54 million in the next 3 years.


This year's Ciclovia (Motor free Miramar Peninsula) needs volunteers - sign up here.

Go By Bike Day

On track -enough volunteers. Attractions will include an 18 wheeler truck so you can find out where the blind spots are, a cargo bike race, and VIPs including Simon Bridges, Minster of Transport.

Urban Cycleways Fund

Patrick went to launch in his CAN capacity. Wainuiomata hill cycle route the only one funded in the Wellington region. However funding will be coming to Wellington when we get our act together...

Victoria St Transformation Project

There will be a trial of a separated cycleway on the Vivian-Abel Smith block.

Courtesy on shared paths: 

Currently a campaign at Frank Kitts Park images painted on path to make clear the range of users. CAW volunteers will be out 10 and 12 February promoting courteous riding.

Rants and Raves

Mark - 22 February is Round the Bays run/walk event. No vehicles including cyclists are permitted on the course.

Kirsten (visitor from Auckland CAA) - commented on how WCC councilors are involved directly in cycling decisions - in Auckland cycling is now in the purview of Auckland Transport. Talked about the success of Skypath Campaign.

Roger: has just been riding in Australia, noted pronounced changes between different councils' infrastructure.

Andy Foster (Councillor, Chair of Transport and Urban Development Committee): Eleanor's presentation on behalf of CAW to Extraordinary meeting of Council was excellent. View the presentation here (57 min in)

Ron: debate on cycling in Council has been influenced by negative comments about councillors in social media. CAW is not supportive of negative personal comments.

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